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from the founder

Being the husband and father to a family of seven, I have become well acquainted with the need for large vehicles. I have also become well acquainted with the frustration of trying to rent some of those vehicles. My irritation has not been unlike your own, which I have heard from many people, many times.

I would like to think that a solution could be found to this problem. I care not only for my family but because I want to know that reasonable, fair trade is practiced, and that fair play exists for all. The internal debate exists, am I willing to create and provide that which I expect?

So, as I get older, I have learned that my expectations may be a little on the demanding side. The way I define fair doesn’t really match the modern day “capitalistic” definition of “fairness in trade”. I believe in capitalism, but I also believe it has been abused. Here is my point.

If I had to go to a restaurant and provide all of my personal information before I could see the menu, I would avoid that restaurant. Would that work for you? Yet isn’t that exactly what you do when shopping the car rental industry? Why isn’t there full, upfront disclosure for the cost of goods sold?

When I think of going to a theme park and standing in line only to realize that another line exists for those willing to pay more than I did, my blood pressure rises. How do I explain to my children that it’s okay to wait your turn and that part of the fun of a theme park is standing in line with your family and friends? I just want an honest fair deal. Why isn’t first come first serve sufficient any longer? Why should anyone be given a better spot in line, a better seat or be given more options for any reason?

What about having to pay higher prices because it’s simply the more popular time to travel? Isn’t that some sort of price fixing or price gouging scam? It is in my mind, by my definition and I want to do things differently. The debate is over, I am certainly willing to provide that which I expect. I have a solution!

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